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About KKC | Kagyu Kunkhyab Chuling

About KKC

Kagyu Kunkhyab Chuling

North American seat
of Khyabje Kalu Rinpoche since 1972

KKC is a Vajrayana Buddhist Centre in Burnaby, B.C., under the guidance of H.E. Kalu Rinpoche,
head of the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage.

Kalu Rinpoche's primary seat is Samdrub Darjay Choling Monastery, located in Sonada, in the district of Darjeeling, W.B., India.

KKC has served the B.C. public for 38 years by:

·       providing space for spiritual practice and Dharma study;

·       maintaining a regular schedule of prayers and meditation

·       offering private and group retreats, teachings and empowerments;

·       hosting the visits of many eminent Rinpoches in the Kagyu tradition.


KKC also conducts regular meditations and retreats at its retreat centre, Kunzang Dechen Osel Ling, founded in 1975 on Saltspring Island.


KKC's Board of Directors as of 2014/5 consists of Francine Pilote (President), Matthew P. Burrows (Vice-President), Philips Wong (Treasurer) and Torin Wells (Secretary).