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KDOL | Kagyu Kunkhyab Chuling


Booking a Retreat

KDOL is a beautiful retreat centre located on
Salt Spring Island in British Columbia Canada.


KDOL operates to provide both group programs and personal retreats for people who have an established practice in Tibetan Buddhism. For those who are inexperienced we offer introductory programs from time to time.

If you wish to book a personal or group retreat please provide us with the following information. Then write to kdol268@gmail.com or phone 250-380-8610.(Please consult the link “KDOL Room Costs” to choose the type of accommodation you prefer.)
  1. Type of accommodation requested.
  2. Dates requested.
  3. Method of transportation to KDOL. If you are driving your own vehicle and need directions, please ask. If you are traveling by foot, please tell us what ferry you will arrive on so we can pick you up.
  4. Regular retreat or work/study program. (See “KDOL Room Costs”) If you wish to sign up for a group retreat please consult the

“Group Retreat Schedule”. All people coming to KDOL should bring:

  1. Comfortable walking footwear if you wish to hike. 
  2. Slip-on footwear. (Shoes are removed when inside.)
  3. Flashlight. 
  4. Sleeping bag. 
  5. Warm and/or waterproof clothing to suit the season. 
  6. Personal hygiene items, (toothbrush, etc.). 
  7. Alarm clock.